This Is The Basic Ways To Take Care Of A Puppy

The good times come when your home has a new family member, a cute little puppy. All the best things are given to him. But a few days later, a problem arises that bothers you. Your favorite puppy does not want to eat, stress, diarrhea, etc. Make the first days when you get home into something fun and healthy for your puppy. Meanwhile, if your puppy has grown up, you may want to feed Grizzly vildlakseolie to it.

Here are some important needs of a puppy:

Food and drinking places.
Dog tag identification, necklace, and leash.
A comfortable basket, cage or bed.
Brush, comb, and shampoo.
Chew toys to soothe teething.

Begin The first days are very important in building a good relationship between the puppy and your family. Your Labrador puppy will feel scared and agitated the first time he knows the new area. To help speed him to get used to this change:

Recommend your puppy to a safe and peaceful home. Avoid other pets for a while. Give attention and affection – dog instincts are social animals, not solitary animals. When you want to hold it, hold it with two hands close to your body, one hand on the back of his lower and one hand under his chest so he feels safe when held. Provide a warm and clean bed from dust. Teach your child how to how to look after pets.

Your puppy needs a place for himself. Give him a basket, enclosure or a closed bed so he feels safe and secure. Add a base such as an old bed sheet or towel in its place, so be a comfortable place for your puppy.

A newborn puppy receives all nutrition from its mother’s milk for the first four weeks. After that, solid food can be added gradually to the food until weaning for about 6-8 weeks. The nutritional needs of puppies are more demanding than adult dogs in the first few weeks, the weight of a puppy will double. During this important stage of formation, the puppy will use large amounts of energy for growth and play, but the stomach is still relatively small, so getting the best nutrition available is very important for him.

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