Beyond the Build: LA Pool Contractor Maintenance Tips

The City of Angels’ pools are like private oases in the urban sprawl, offering leisure and relaxation. Regular care is needed to keep this refuge clean and appealing. Designer Custom Pools, the experts at building these aquatic sanctuaries, also know how to maintain them. Their guidance extends beyond the pool’s appearance to its durability and safety for swimmers.

A key piece of advice is to use the pool’s filtration system, the unsung hero of clean water. Clogged filters can cause hazy water, algae, and bacteria growth, so they must be checked and cleaned often. The contractors stress the necessity of knowing your pool’s filtration needs, whether sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth, as each requires distinct upkeep.

Water chemistry is another critical topic for Los Angeles pool professionals. The water must be balanced for swimmer safety and comfort by balancing pH, chlorine, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity. Too much chlorine irritates skin and eyes, while too little exposes the pool to microorganisms. Testing by homeowners or professionals keeps the pool’s chemical balance in the appropriate range, protecting swimmers and surfaces.

With its famous sunshine, Los Angeles can be harsh on pool surfaces. If left unchecked, fractures in the pool’s plaster or tile can hold algae and bacteria, therefore contractors urge regular inspections. Resurfacing or retiling a pool at the first sign of deterioration keeps it looking good and prevents costly repairs.

These experts believe the pool’s surroundings are as vital as the pool’s. Keeping the deck clean reduces slips and falls and keeps leaves, dirt, and other impurities out of the water. Proper landscaping can also protect the pool’s filtration system from windblown particles, decreasing upkeep.

Finally, Los Angeles pool contractors recommend a professional maintenance service to reduce upkeep. While expensive, these services provide peace of mind by keeping the pool in shape. They can detect equipment failures and chemical imbalances before they become major issues, making them a worthwhile investment for busy homeowners.

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