You Need To Know How To Repair These Annoying Laptop Problems

The possibility that occurs if the computer restarts continuously is because of the excessive use until the computer does not have time to cool down the engine, besides this is usually caused by a corrupted system file. The way to repair it is simple:

1. By ensuring that Windows is in the latest version.
2. Update Antivirus.
3. Give a break to your computer or laptop, because if overheating occurs, it will be very dangerous for your computer.
4,. Clean the cooler / fan on your computer if there is too much dust.
5. Update your laptop driver.

Besides the problem of the laptop restarting itself, sometimes USB is not detected by the laptop. Lots of people complain about this USB problem. The sign is if you plug in a USB (flashdisk or card reader on) on the laptop. Later a notification will appear on the bottom right of the computer screen that says USB device not recognized.

That usually happens when you insert a USB cable into a USB port on your computer be it a flashdisk, card reader, or others. To overcome this problem, go ahead with the following ways to handle it:

1. Make sure the drivers on your computer’s Universal Serial Bus are in a normal state, or the most recent version.
2. Restart the computer, try to use the laptop without the battery for 30 minutes, then try turning it on again.

Finally, there’s also a force closure problem when the user uses the software. It means the software isn’t compatible with your laptop. Here are some ways to overcome this problem:

1. Using “Run As Administrator”, you can try by right-clicking and then click on Run As Administrator.

2. Set the compatible mode in the properties menu.

3. By using the Advanced System Settings, the way is to open the control panel, then open the system and security again, select the system menu, then select Advanced System Settings, then, select the performance tab and click settings, after that, to the data execution prevention.

To activate the checkbox Turn On DEP, then add the problem program by clicking add program, then click Apply, then OK. Usually, this method can overcome problems in programs that are keep closing by themselves.

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