You Need These Gardening Tools To Start Your New Gardening Hobby

If you want your gardening activities at home can run smoothly and optimally, you need to prepare several special types of equipment. Given that there are many types of gardening tools, it’s natural for you who are beginners to feel confused about what to use. You may want to know more about various tools including lawn leveling rake and sprinklers before you start gardening.

As a guide, here is a list of gardening tools that you must provide at home:

Hoe or Shovel

Both the hoe and the shovel have the same function, namely to dig soil or other planting media in a new container, then close it again after the plant is moved. For example, if you just bought a plant and brought it home, you would either move the plant to another pot or plant it directly in the ground. A hoe or shovel is a tool that can help you dig and cover the soil or other planting media. On the other hand, you can use a rake to level the ground.


Gardening at home means that you have to be prepared to get dirty with the soil. After gardening, you can immediately take a shower to clean yourself. However, dirt that enters the nail is usually difficult to clean. Therefore, use gloves during gardening. Choose special gardening gloves that are made of elastic and soft material. In addition, wearing gloves can also protect your hands from plant thorns and rough grass.

Water Hose or Sprinkler

Plants certainly need to be watered regularly to grow healthy. To make the process easier, you will need a water hose or plant sprinkler. For those who choose a water hose, you should choose one that is long and equipped with a special spray at the end. That way, your spray range can be further and even. Meanwhile, plant sprinklers are usually shaped like a water kettle.

Plant’s pot

Who says gardening at home can only be done by those who have large land? For those whose land area in their house tends to be limited, the use of pots can be a solution for gardening. However, the selection of pots should not be done carelessly. You need to adjust it to the type of plant and the area where it is placed.

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