You Must Try These Foods If You Visit Mexico

Mexico is indeed one of the countries in South America that is quite interesting to visit. Not only has a natural beauty and unique culture, but this country is also famous for having special foods whose delicacy has been worldwide. Mexican cuisine is indeed unique because it is made with special spices and ingredients that are very rarely found elsewhere. A variety of Mexican specialties are quite popular and are hunted by many tourists, ranging from snacks to heavy meals. Meanwhile, if you need to find more news about Mexico, you can visit immediately.

Well, if you are interested in vacationing there, here is a list of authentic Mexican specialties that are worth trying:


Fajita is a typical Mexican food. Fajita is a food made from meat, how to process this meat by grilling it on a hot skillet. For those of you who want to enjoy this fajita, you can choose the type of meat you want, the type of meat that is usually used in this dish is beef, chicken, or you can also use seafood. For the delicacy of this type of food, there is no doubt, because fajita is Mexican food that has been worldwide.


Typical Mexican food next is tamales. Tamales are one of the traditional culinary origins from Mexico. For those of you who visit this country, you must try this Mexican food. Tamales are made from corn flour. For the meat filling you can choose between beef or pork, and it comes with vegetables and cheese then rolled up.


Taquito is food from Mexico that you must try when you stop in Mexico. At first glance, this food is very similar to the typical spring rolls from Semarang. These taquitos are usually called taco rolls or flautas which means golden tacos made from tortilla bread.

How to make it using the basic ingredients of tortilla bread and filled with beef, cheese or chicken pieces then rolled, after being rolled then fried until it turns golden brown. To complement the taquito is usually served with a sauce made of sour cream and guacamole.

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