You Must Pay These Extra Fees If You Live In An Apartment

Joyville Hadapsar

Living in an apartment is indeed more secure than a boarding house or rented house. Because in the apartment, there are ready-to-live rooms with complete facilities, a clean environment, good views, and security that is always guarded by security and CCTV 24 hours a day, like Shapoorji Joyville Hadapsar apartments.

Therefore, you need to record what costs you have to prepare to live in a vertical residence, including extra costs that you may not know about, such as:

Installment Fee

For those of you who plan to rent an apartment but are not able to pay the full occupancy fee at the beginning, you can still pay in installments. This installment fee is calculated from the total cost of the occupancy minus the down payment fee, then divided by the installment period you choose. Usually, the installation fee is calculated per month and adjusts to the salary you get each month. If you can pay off the cost of occupying an apartment in one payment, you don’t need to calculate this installment fee.

Apartment Environmental Management Fee

Maybe you are familiar with the Environmental Management Fee as a service fee or maintenance fee. This fee is charged monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the area of the apartment unit. This fee is also included in the Sale and Purchase Agreement.
Sinking Fund

Unlike the Environmental Management Fee, a sinking fund is a cost that you have to pay when there is damage to the facilities in your apartment unit. For example, for a sink drain that suddenly breaks down and needs to be replaced, the repair costs are taken from the sinking fund. Simply put, this sinking fund is a saving that will be allocated to repair damaged facilities in your apartment unit.

Business Fare Fees

Maybe you are not familiar with this term. The business fee is a fee charged by apartment residents which includes electricity, water, internet, telephone, and cable TV (if any). Each apartment has its own rules regarding this extra payment. The rates also vary depending on the applicable management. Some apartments even include electricity and water costs.

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