You Must Consider This When Calculating Video Mapping Costs

The technical in the video mapping includes everything from the tools to the installation process so that the video mapping can be viewed optimally and is also safe to use. The most visible initial costs are the cost of renting the projector, the accommodation for the equipment, and the installation. Remember that the average rental fee submitted by the hardware vendor is not included with the installation service fee, so it is better to include it in your 3D Mapping budget too.

The cost of renting equipment and installation services can be calculated per the day of the event and also before the event. For example, we assume that for 3 days of the event, the installation can be done 2-3 days before the event. Projector rental costs, the average vendor we once asked about, set 10% of the projector price.

Many video mapping users also choose to buy a tool instead of renting it because the usage can be more than 1 month. Because if you calculate the purchase is more profitable than the rental fee for 1 full month.

Audiovisual, normally includes the process of pre-production, production, to post-production. This most important aspect is where the message content or goal is conveyed.

Determining the budget, in this case, is quite uncertain because it has very varied factors. Starting from the duration, style, to the size of the field that will determine the extent of the audiovisual.

However, price variation is not a major factor, it can also determine because of the reputation and trust of each artist or studio that produces the content. Because reputation and trust are very hard to measure in money, right? Especially if something unwanted happens when the project happens, studios or artists who have high flying hours can certainly reduce the risk.

You could say that many audiovisuals look simple, but simple ones are not necessarily easy to make. Readjust it with the message and purpose to be conveyed so that the assessment for this audiovisual can be measured optimally.

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