You Can Try These Abaya Style Tips To Look Younger

Many hijab wearers today are developing various interesting innovations about modern Muslim clothes to keep them trendy. Not only young people, but parents and children are not spared from updating Muslim fashion styles. Of the many trends in Muslim women’s clothing, the one that attracts the most attention is the abaya. This abaya dress model is identical to the wide and long pieces of clothing that are considered to give the impression of being old when worn by young children. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a new abaya, we recommend you to buy abaya online to save more of your time.

Then, how do you get around the fashion so that it looks more youthful when worn by young people? Come on, see some tips and inspiration below.

Choose Neutral and Natural Abaya

This is an important point that young people often forget when choosing abaya fashion. They prefer bright and striking colors, even though the color selection will actually make you look older. Now, so that the use of abaya clothing can make you look younger, choose a more neutral and natural color, such as pastel colors.

Choose a Simple Abaya Motif

The fatal mistake of young people when wearing abaya clothes is to choose clothes with designs that are full of striking colors. Well, it’s better to avoid choosing clothes with these characteristics, especially with excessive sequins if you do not want to look old when wearing abayas. Instead, choose a more simple motif with a sequin accessory that is not too crowded.

Choose Abaya with Simple Details

Sometimes, young people mistakenly assume that abaya clothes with intricate details will make them look more trendy. If you don’t want to look old with abaya fashion, you should choose clothes with simple details like embroidery and stripes.

Mix and match Abaya with a Simple Hijab Today

If you have chosen the abaya shirt, you can continue to choose the hijab. Now, in the selection of hijab, make sure to combine matching colors. In addition, also use a simple hijab model to avoid the impression of crowded and excessive. One more thing, choose hijab material that is compatible with the abaya, such as chiffon or georgette, which will certainly make your appearance more up-to-date.

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