You Can Do These Tips To Recruit Employees

Your company may not yet have an HR team that specifically looks for talented new employees like those of large companies. So the job of looking for employees can be a side task that is less attention. Though your competition with large companies in finding employees is not enough to offer a big bonus, especially if you remember that your company’s profits have not been fully stable. Additionally, if you also worry about the candidate’s background, we suggest you use the police check online to check them out.

Therefore, here are tips for those of you who work in small companies but want to recruit qualified employees:

Create an Attractive Company Profile

Your company must have a website that explains your company’s products. Write a few posts about employee benefits if you want to work with your company. This advantage is as unique as possible and is only found in your company. Some of them are flexible schedules, profit sharing, fast-growing companies, and so on. You don’t focus too much on what your company needs, but focus on what employees get when working with you.

Take advantage of Social Media

In addition to going through a company-owned blog, you can also promote your company through social media that are being used today, for example, Facebook or Instagram. Show your company every day to add followers. One of them is a comfortable and unique culture and work environment. This can attract prospective employees to find out more about your company.

Recruitment Through E-mail Signature

Another way can be through a signature on your e-mail or email. The signature can be given the words “We need employees”, “We’re Hiring”, and so on. So companies or other parties who get the e-mail indirectly can become an intermediary for your company’s recruitment ads to the people closest to them. It also has to do with marketing by word of mouth.

Use the Job Hunting Platform

You still need to install job openings on platforms that are mostly targeted by job seekers, for example, Linkedin. Or work with job search applications such as Kalibr, Line Jobs, and so on. Choose just one or two platforms for you to use. If you use all available platforms at any time, you can be rivaled by large companies that search more than your company.

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