Write Perfect Script For Studies To Gain A Hold Of Main Act

When writing your scripts for theatre studies you need to consider your characters cultural background such as ethnicity, religion, education, social standing, etc. All these things will have an impact on your character’s personality. Revealing some of these things to your audience will really strengthen their presence in your screenplay. If you think about a recent book you have read you’ll probably remember that a character’s background was revealed to you at some point which then gives you a certain mental image of that character. That’s what you’re aiming for.

When developing your character you will also need to consider the time period of which your screenplay is set. Most screenwriters will set their script in the current time period as it’s a lot easier for the audience to relate to how they talk and behave. When setting your scripts for theatre studies in the past or future you will need to consider how the dialogue is/was different and how your character will speak and the social do’s and don’ts of that time period. The time period of your script also determines things as simple as the clothes your character will wear. The first and most important point of your main character is that they should never be perfect. The main character in your script must have some underlying issues or visible imperfections in order for you to create a good story around these.

Personally I always prefer to try and build sympathy for my main character whenever I write a screenplay. Think of your most common story, a man’s prized possession is taking away from him and the audience feels sorry for him. The audience then wills the man on as he fights to win this back or take revenge. It’s a common theme and one that works well. You don’t have to follow this exact model of course but I’m just showing you how building sympathy attaches your audience to the main character. Another point I always try and teach people when writing a script is that they make sure their main character is involved in the events happening around them. Don’t have your main character just stand and watch.

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