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Winterizing Your Motorcycle Wisely Before Putting It In Mini Storage

Motorcycle aficionados must prepare their precious two-wheelers for hibernation as winter draws closer brilliant storage. Winterizing your motorcycle correctly is crucial to protect its longevity and maintain top performance for the following riding season. At Brilliant Storage, we recognize how vital it is to protect your motorcycle over the winter. In this article, we’ll go over the sensible procedures you should take to winterize your bike before storing it securely in one of our mini storage facilities.

1. Cleanse and Protect

Ensure your motorcycle is thoroughly before storing it to eliminate any dirt, filth, or salt residue that can corrode its parts. Clean the outside with mild soap and warm water, and properly dry it afterward. Apply a premium wax or protectant to build a barrier that removes moisture and rust.

2. Fluid Maintenance

As used oil can contain pollutants that could harm the engine, start by replacing the oil and filter. Then, fill up all other fluids, including coolant, brake fluid, and fuel stabilizer, as the manufacturer directs. Remember that the stabilized fuel needs to circulate through the system for a few minutes after starting the engine.

3. Battery Care

To keep the battery charged all winter, either remove it and store it somewhere cold and dry or attach it to a battery tender. To avoid corrosion, ensure the battery terminals are clean and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

4. Tire Upkeep

Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure before being inspected for wear or damage. In addition, consider installing a motorcycle stand to reduce tire stress and avoid flat spots during prolonged storage if necessary.

5. Setup for Storage

The bike should be covered with an absorbent material to prevent dust and scuffs. Next, elevate the motorcycle using a stand or wooden blocks to avoid tire damage and improve airflow. Finally, select a climate-controlled storage facility to maintain constant humidity and temperature levels, protecting your bike from lousy weather even more.

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