Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be dangerous if not cleaned because they can become a den of dust and mould that can cause disease. But you don’t need to hesitate to use it, as long as you always keep it clean. You should clean your carpet regularly or with the help of water damage carpet service. Researchers from the University of New York School of Medicine say that you should choose carpet materials from natural fibres. Besides, choose a carpet that is not too large so it is not difficult to wash and clean it. Washing carpets from the natural fibre with hot water can kill mites, moulds, and all kinds of bacteria and pesticides, as well as all forms of small animals that are the main causes of respiratory problems, asthma, and allergies. This type of carpet made of natural fibres can also be cleaned easily. By cleaning regularly it will prevent dust from forming under the carpet. Visit now for more informations

However, the best way to clean your carpet is by using a different method adjusted to the material of the carpet. Carpets that are placed permanently attached to the floor of the room and cannot be removed are not recommended to be clean without the help of a professional cleaner because carpet like this can’t be washed. Permanent carpets are usually made of synthetic materials, including nylon or polyester fibre. To attach it to the floor, special glue is used. Synthetic carpet materials mixed with glue containing toxic chemicals and liquid chemicals can trigger respiratory diseases.

Besides, the volatile organic chemicals contained in the volatile glue will endanger the occupants if one day the carpet above it is torn and this content evaporates and spreads into the air. In general, carpet adhesive is more dangerous than the carpet material itself. Dust stuck under the carpet is also more dangerous than carpet material. Why? Because dust or mould is heavier than air, it is easier to settle on the floor which then gets into the carpet. That is why it is important to use help from professional carpet cleaning to properly clean it.

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