Why Machines Are Important In Production

With machines, humans will be able to do things more easily. While in the company or factory there is a process. This process changes from input (input / raw materials) after going through the process, it will become a product (output/output) in the form of a product. That is why an operator must get vapro opleiding training. For companies in the chemical industry, there are the following processes:

– The process of changing the size of solid materials using crushing machines, cutting machines, and milling machines.
– The process of mixing materials is a process in which the ingredients are randomly distributed. Raw materials are mixed into other ingredients and vice versa, thus forming a more uniform result.
– The process of separating components from a mixture in the form of a liquid solution that has a vapor pressure difference and the result of its separation into components or groups of components. Because of the difference in vapor pressure, the distillation process is also called the process of separating its components based on differences in their boiling points. Both distillation with laboratory and industrial scale equipment.

Adsorption is the process of separating materials from a mixture of gas or liquid, the material to be separated is pulled by the surface of the adsorbing solid by binding the material followed by dissolution to increase the use value of a substance by changing its phase. Extraction is the process of separating a substance by dividing a solute between two immiscible solvents to take the solute from one solvent to another.

Filtration is the process of removing solid particles from a fluid by passing them through a filtering medium so that the solid is retained. Filtration consists of a variety of operations ranging from simple filtration to complex separations. The fluid being filtered may be a liquid or a gas, and the stream that passes through the filter may be a liquid, a solid, or both. Evaporation or evaporation is a special boiling operation, heat transfer occurs in a boiling liquid. To obtain a concentrated solution from a dilute solution by boiling and evaporation.

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