Why Are People Still Interested In Seeing Magic?

There are rarely people who do not like magic. Moreover, not everyone can do magic, so someone will be more interested in watching a show that he can’t do. Don’t get me wrong, many kids magician have appeared on television or the theatre. Uniquely, everyone is aware that magic uses tricks but still they are amazed by the magic action! Here are some reasons why you like to see magic even though you already know it’s just a trick or a trick.

Able to manipulate everyone’s perception
Basically, magic has principles rooted in areas that overlap with psychology such as perception, attention, and how we process information. According to a psychologist, everything related to magic is about manipulating the perception of the viewer.

When magic takes place, there are moments where you are ‘misled’. For example, the magician tries to attract attention or changes the topic of conversation so that you will not focus on the object of the magic. In fact, at that time the magician was launching his trick.

Magic makes you seem innocent
As one gets older, one’s innocence will continue to fade as one begins to master a lot of knowledge and knowledge. However, with magic, you will return to being innocent like when you were a child. Simple magic like removing a coin from your hand and then popping it back behind your hair is enough to amaze you.

Moreover, the innocence produced by magic turns out to be needed occasionally in this life. Magic is a way to escape from the exhausting realities of life. You will stop all reality and start entering the world of magic just for fun.

Everyone will be satisfied when they know the tricks behind the magic
Everyone must have magical thoughts. The reason is, we let magic always happen every day. Moreover, everything that happens has a cause and effect. As a result, you will think about the phenomenon to find out what causes magic to happen. For that, you will feel satisfied when you succeed in knowing the magic tricks you watch. It’s weird but true.

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