When You Need To Visit The Dentist

A healthy tooth is teeth clean without holes. By caring for teeth properly and regularly as previously explained, it is believed to prevent the appearance of cavities. Keep in mind, sweet foods like chocolate and candies that are sticky if not brushed immediately can cause tooth decay. Also, drinks such as tea, coffee, sugary drinks, and smoking habits can cause thin layers of teeth called stains so that the color of the teeth become dull or brown. The rough stain layer is easily attached to the remnants of food and germs, which eventually form plaque, if not cleaned will harden and become tartar and can spread to the tooth roots. As a result, teeth easily bleed, teeth shake and easily fall out. Another thing that can happen is an abscess or swelling in the tooth. The only right thing to do is to go to the dentist and visit www.dentistdrpowell.com.

It is important to visit the dentist more often because the older we come teeth are more fragile because tooth enamel is getting thinner, so it is closer to the lower layer of dentin which is softer than enamel. More complications of old age disease that occur in the teeth. For example, diabetes which can cause teeth to lose and the gums bleed easily. Replace teeth that are lost due to being pulled out with dentures, both printed and removable, so that the tooth’s functions can be restored such as aesthetically if a lot of teeth are missing, the cheeks look squeaky and look older or impacting how we sound especially if you lose front teeth.

When the extraction has been done, the teeth are not replaced with dentures, the teeth on the left and right sides will shift toward the newly extracted teeth, resulting in the teeth becoming tenuous and many food debris tucked in that part. Eventually, the remnants of the food will rot, causing bad breath and sour mouth atmosphere, many germs that cause damage or holes in the teeth. So it’s not contagious but can cause damage to other teeth.

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