What To Prepare In Electrical Installation

Currently, almost all household appliances are electronic goods, so they require electricity their use. Daily needs that are very dependent on electricity, causing electrical problems in the dwelling also need to be considered carefully. One-one can risk an electrical short that leads to disaster. Therefore, it is very necessary to know the correct way of the electrical installation by getting the nen 3140 cursus. The following article will discuss all kinds of electrical installations.

The electrical installation has the understanding as a device used to transmit electrical energy from a power source to various electronic devices that require electricity. Then, there are various types of power sources. Call it batteries, generators, batteries, solar cells, and others. However, the source of electricity that is commonly used for household needs comes from power plants managed.

You as a homeowner must still prepare and install your electrical installation. The tools that need to be prepared before installing electricity are measuring devices, network safety, connection panels, switches, grounding, and so on. In installing electricity, it is mandatory to meet three requirements given by the government. Here are the requirements for electrical installations:

1. Economic Terms
Installation of electrical equipment in residential areas must meet economic requirements, meaning that electrical installations are made simple so that the installation and maintenance costs incurred are not too large

2. Security Terms
The electrical installations carried out must not endanger the safety of the occupants of the house, electrical devices, buildings, and other objects that may be exposed to electrical hazards. The electrical equipment you install must be made as safe as possible so as not to cause the slightest accident. Does not cause death in humans.

In addition, it is also mandatory to use tools that are by regulations and guaranteed their feasibility. Does not cause damage to surrounding objects in the event of disturbances such as high voltage, short circuits, overload, and so on. Therefore, fuses and electrical circuit breakers must be installed in the electrical installation circuit.

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