What are some of your King Kong highlights?

Suby: Taking on my first employee, setting up shop in our first office, and currently holding the title of fastest-growing full-service digital marketing agency in Australia. I also believe strongly in acknowledging and enjoying every success along the path. For instance, after recently exceeding some significant sales targets, my team and I took a trip to Bali to celebrate and reflect on our development. As a result, we have created a situation where everyone at our agency is working together to support our clients, which will ultimately enable us to maintain our current rate of growth. Read more about reviews and testimonials from King Kong clients on the internet.

Many digital agencies are one- and two-man bands that operate out of a garage. Many people assume they have enough information to instruct other organizations after reading a few articles about web marketing. Despite this, neither their own company nor any of the important terms that would be generating traffic for their industry are on page one of Google, and they haven’t used these strategies to expand their own company. The fact that we not only guarantee results but also use the same methods we teach and use for our clients every single day is really what sets us apart from the competition.

Additionally, the majority of digital companies gauge performance using abstract metrics like social reach, engagement, ranking, and click-through rates. They might essentially hide behind that barrier since they wouldn’t be confident in their ability to discuss ROI in terms of dollars in and dollars out. Although those measures might be signs of development, they don’t necessarily represent client results.

To the extent that if we don’t achieve what we promise, we won’t be paid, we’re willing to work with our clients and put some skin in the game to bring them the greatest results possible. As a result, I believe there is a significant need in the market that we are filling, and that is why we have experienced such fantastic development and success in a sector that is already crowded but still does not adequately serve the Australian business community.

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