Ways To Know The Quality Of Good Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is used to close the electrical connection so that it is not dangerous when the electricity is turned on. This needs to be done. Especially when you do abandoned cable removal and installation on power cables. As for the use of electrical insulation, this is also done so that it is not easily accessible by children. Of course, in this case, know the problem of electricity, this is very dangerous. Children need to be kept away from electrical equipment and taught early about the dangers of electricity. Don’t forget to teach your child in easy-to-understand sentences. Teach your children the basics about not touching the socket and how to insert and unplug the power cord correctly so that the child understands to stay away from the power source. Cover electrical connections with duct tape or a special cover. If possible, place a large, heavy object in front of it.

Electrical insulation consists of various types, ranging from heat-resistant types which are often referred to as heat-resistant black duct tape and function as insulating duct tape. Electrical insulation is usually available in black, but there are also red, yellow, blue, green, gray, pink, and orange colors. Meanwhile, in knowing good quality when you are going to buy electrical insulation, make sure to choose good quality electrical insulation that is suitable for wrapping PLN cables and can reduce the risk of fire due to an electrical short and also make sure that the electrical insulation must withstand a voltage of 1500 V and will not be on for longer than a maximum of 60 seconds.

For the physical quality of good electrical insulation, preferably in the physical form of a telescoping roll or cone, the adhesive must remain stable, dry, and neat so as not to come out of the side of the roll

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