Understand The Function Of The Dock For The Ship

A building located in a port which is specially made to close ships that will unload goods or load goods as well as a place for boarding and disembarking ship passengers by CMI LC . So this building became one of the links between the ship to the land. The building, known as the pier, consists of an arrangement of beams on the superstructure. In addition, there are also floors and piles on the surface of the building.

Meanwhile, when viewed from the dimensions of the dock building, these can be distinguished based on the type and size of the ship that will dock towards the dock. for the size of the pier, this is seen from the minimum size. That way the ship that will leave the dock will leave safely and smoothly. The wharf does have a function to serve passengers and goods with certain interests. One example is the development interest in sea transportation facilities, then various goods and facilities will be distributed quickly by ships which will then be temporarily transferred to the port. Then the goods and facilities can be distributed to consumers. In this example, the activity of this pier refers to trade interests.

This will be different again if the example of the pier is only a temporary berth for ships that are specifically devoted to tourism, such as cruise ships, where this type of ship will travel around several countries and dock only temporarily at various piers. If you have ever had a vacation using this type of ship, then you will know, when the ship you are traveling in docks, you will be free to choose whatever activities you want to do such as whether you want to relax on the boat deck made of the aluminum ramp, go shopping or watch a show. facilitated by cruise ships. You can eat whatever and whenever you want.

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