Types of Bail in Bail Bonds Orange County You Need to Know

Sometimes people specifically associate bail with the amount of cash that should pay after bond hearings. The defendant should have an amount of money to pay bail after arrested, so they can get out of jail. There may be a variety of bail types that different and available in any state or jurisdiction. Each of them actually has its own regulation that should be followed by defendants in Bail Bonds Orange County.

Before you hire bail bonds agent or bail bondsmen, here are the things you need to know about the types of bail.

Types of Bail in Bail Bonds Orange County

1. Secured or Property Bond

A secured bond or property bond is a kind of bail in which the defendant will give a security interest in the court in the property equal to the total bail amount. A legal right to take a piece of property specifically or possess given by the owner of the property to the secured party. In bail bonds Orange County, the bond payer or defendant gives a security interest in a piece of property specifically to the court as bail form. The court can seize the property that used s collateral to recover the unpaid bail if the defendant fails to later appear at court.

2. Bail Bond or Surety Bond

A form of bail payment provided on behalf of the defendant by a bail bond agent is called bail bond. Bondsmen or bail bond agents will help the defendants to tell the court about the payment of bond amount if the defendant fails to appear at court. The defendant also pays the agent fee and they act as a surety. Bail bonds Orange County agents make money by collecting a fee from the bail which takes 10% to 15% of the amount of bail.

That’s about the type of bail in bail bonds Orange County you need to know. Hope this information will be useful for you who needed it.

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