Treatment of swollen gums according to dentist recommendations

Swollen gums can be caused by various things, ranging from inflammation of the gums, complications of cavities, to the influence of hormones during pregnancy. But unfortunately, the cure for swollen gums is not widely known. There is no known cure for swollen gums. Recommendations for the treatment of swollen gums by dentist seo are adjusted to the cause, such as cleaning tartar, maintaining oral hygiene, and surgery. Some people who experience swollen gums often perceive the pain like a toothache. The treatment of swollen gums can be different from the treatment of toothache.

If your swollen gums are caused by gingivitis, then the initial treatment step that can be taken is to do tartar cleaning at the dentist. Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition of the gums, caused by a bacterial infection. Tartar that accumulates, is a nest of bacteria that must be cleaned. If left unchecked, the bacteria will then cause inflammation that makes the gums swell. A few days after the tartar is cleaned, the size of the gums will slowly return to their original state. If swollen gums are caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, the simplest way to treat them is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and clean food debris and dirt between your teeth using dental floss. If there is a lot of tartar that has accumulated, pregnant women should consult the nearest dentist, to clean the tartar.

When brushing your teeth, you are advised to use a soft-bristled toothbrush so that the gums are not injured. In the meantime, avoid using a mouthwash made from too strong and alcohol.

Gums can also look swollen if there is excessive gum growth as a result of consuming certain drugs or complications of a certain disease. In addition, swollen gums can also be caused by an abscess. An abscess is a bacterial infection that causes a lump in the gum filled with fluid. Both conditions require surgery to treat swollen gums.

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