Tips On Decorating A Child’s Room Based On Feng Shui

When you need to decorate your baby’s room, there are many things to consider, starting from the material that will be used in the crib, wallpaper, to accessories that will be used in the baby’s room. If you use carpet in the baby’s room, the carpet should be washed to keep the room clean. You can contact the carpet care specialists to take the carpet from home and return it clean and hygienic.

One thing that should not be forgotten in decorating a nursery is how to create a calm atmosphere in a nursery based on feng shui. A Feng Shui expert provides items that you need to consider to create peace in your baby’s room:

1. Color
To create a calm atmosphere in the baby’s room, the color factor is very important because mood, emotions, and energy are often influenced by color. Soothing color combinations, such as green and blue, white and beige, or pink and yellow make babies sleep faster.

While bright colors like red or orange are considered active colors that can keep your baby awake. Yellow is associated with good memories and feelings and can make babies happy and learn the language faster. Green is related to health and growth, a good choice for premature babies.

2. Decoration
Because feng shui prioritizes natural elements, it is important to choose the wood and natural materials over those made from plastic when choosing furniture, toys, and decorations. In choosing a bed, window, carpet, furniture, even toys, choose a moving and flowing design that represents the water element in feng shui.

3. Lighting
In creating lighting based on feng shui, the keyword to remember is “natural”. The use of natural light is highly recommended if possible. However, when it is time to sleep, make the room dark. Feng shui experts also note that in following feng shui, the general rule is not to hang something heavy on the box or there are heavy objects near the box, including lighting.

4. Placement of the baby crib
Choosing where to place the crib is an important part of feng shui. Rule number one is not to put the box next to furniture that is tall and heavy. Also, avoid placing the crib in the center of the room.

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