This Is The Basic Explanation About Meat Analogue

Meat analogue is meat from the latest innovations in the food sector from high-quality soybean flour protein to become high protein and low cholesterol meat. Meat is a very important source of animal protein. The taste is delicious and delicious to make the meat very liked by everyone. However, not everyone can consume meat, especially when it is associated with fat and cholesterol content. If you are such a person who cannot consume real animal meat, then you can visit to buy various types of bean-based meat.

Meat analogue is artificial meat as a result of the latest innovation in the food sector by combining high-quality mushrooms and soybeans into high protein but very low cholesterol content. This meat analogue is very suitable for meat enthusiasts but has limitations to consume it such as cholesterol sufferers, hypertension, and people who care about their health. This meat analogue has a very fine texture, chewy and not fibrous so it is suitable for consumption for all ages, especially for the elderly.

Meat analogue is made from mushroom and selected soy flour, making it high quality but affordable food. This analog meat is made from high-quality vegetable ingredients, is produced using modern machines, is processed hygienically without preservatives and harmful coloring agents so it is very safe for consumption. This meat analogue has a shape, texture, and taste very similar to beef, but it does not contain animal products at all so it is safe for people with cholesterol.

This meat analogue is very good as a source of vegetable protein which is very much needed for growth and body health and is very suitable for vegetarians. Some of the advantages of meat analogue are high nutrition because it is made from selected and high-quality natural vegetable ingredients, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals & low cholesterol, and easy to cook.

Meat analogue can be processed as normal meat. Meat analogue can be a variety of our favorite dishes that use meat as the basic ingredient. Meat analogue is also very tasty to use as an additional ingredient for instant noodles.

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