This Is How To Keep Your Hats Clean

Hats are useful to protect from the sun. Like other clothes, baseball caps or snapbacks need to be washed regularly as a way to get rid of sweat marks on the hat. Here, we will review how to keep your hat clean and not smelly. In the meantime, if you also like to have unique hats, we recommend you to try to design a hat yourself.

Here are important points for how to clean white caps:

Use quality detergent.
Avoid washing with washing machines and dryers.
Wash with warm water.
Brush the stain spots with a soft brush.
Rinse the cap thoroughly and dry it thoroughly.
Cover the bottom of the hat to avoid seepage of water on the table surface.

Before switching to washing caps, there are a number of items that must be prepared, namely:

Container or washbasin.
Warm water, not hot water.
Anti-stain detergent.
A used toothbrush or soft bristle brush.
The jar.

Here is a guide that will show you how to clean white caps

Fill the container or basin with warm water. Do not use hot water so as not to damage the material of the hat.

Pour detergent into the basin.

For how to get rid of stains on a white hat, pour soapy water on the hat. Brush gently on the stained area.

Soak the cap in soapy water for two hours. Mid-time immersion, check the entire surface of the hat and repeat step number 3 as a way to remove sweat marks on the hat. Also, check out our article to find out how to get rid of sweat odors on clothes.

Use warm water to rinse the hat. Do it carefully to make sure there is no soap left.

When you want to dry the hat, first place the hat on the jar and allow water to drip from your hat. Give a layer of the towel so that the water droplets do not touch the surface.

After no water drips, use a towel to dry the hat by tapping it. This is to maintain the original shape of your hat.

Let the hat dry in the room overnight.

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