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This Advanced Flight System Makes Air Planes Fly Safer

In 1968 a new breakthrough was found to strive for the level of flight safety. The Fly by wire system was discovered which was first applied to NASA’s Lunar Landing Training Vehicle (LLTV) in the Apollo mission in 1968. The use of fly by wire on LLTV itself was to help stabilize the vehicle when invited to go on the Moon. One year later, this sophisticated artificial fly by wire intelligence technology was then implanted in the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow interceptor. Apart from that, if your FBW system’s ball screws are damaged, we recommend you to call the best archimedes screw ball lift company near your hangar.

It’s successfully installed on the aircraft, the fly by wire was also applied to the well-known commercial supersonic jet, Concorde in 1969. Then the fly by wire system penetrated into world aircraft manufacturers for both civil and military purposes.

So what is the importance of this fly by wire system on aircraft? Very important! the function of fly by wire is to process data supplied from various sensors in the aircraft body.

The data obtained is then submitted to the avionics system in the cockpit.

This helps the pilot in controlling the speed of the aircraft and the system can correct itself how the aircraft must do to be safe when flying.

For example, when a pilot wants to turn a plane, fly by wire will correct all disturbances when turning maneuvers such as wind pressure, air pressure and so on that effect turning the aircraft.

If a maneuver by the pilot is deemed dangerous, the fly by wire system will stabilize the aircraft by itself so that safety when flying is maintained.

This pilot work will be lighter because the operator does not need to bother correcting the direction of the wind, air pressure and so on when controlling the aircraft because everything is covered by fly by wire.

All aerospace manufacturers in the world have now transplanted fly by wire onto each of their aircraft.

Well, what if this system doesn’t work when an airplane?

The aircraft can still air, but when the fly by wire does not function than the control becomes manual, it is the full skill of the pilot who controls the aircraft.

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