Things To Do When You Have A Problem With Your Ballscrew

Are you seeking ball screw repair? Perhaps, you need to find out such this service when you find out your screw damaged or can’t work as it should.

It’s annoying to deal with the damaged screw read here. Moreover, the exhaust planting screw has an important role in the motorcycle. How not, if the screw performance is not optimal, guaranteed the motorbike must be lackluster. The rest of the combustion gas that should have been kicked back, instead directly out due to the position of the exhausted mouth gaping. From there, which causes the motor to lose power. So, planting screws should not be underestimated!

Repairing it is very easy, and can be overcome by yourself, provided we know the cause and effect. The damaged screw can occur because the screws are broken on the outside or in direct contact with the fastening nut. Then, it can also occur because the installation is too tight so that the screw rotates and damages the drat on the head block when the nut is tightened.

For those who already have dol, there is no need to panic. Just replace the planting screw. Many are found in screw shops, just choose what size and model you want. Then, remove the existing ball screw. How to pair it, of course, you have to remove the old screw that has been damaged first with the counter nut system. By the way, attach 2 nuts together. Then hold the top nut with the key while the lower nut is tightened.

When you have to retire, pay attention to this. If both nuts are patent, open the old screw directly by using the lower counter nut. When it has been released, adjust the threaded hole on the damaged head block with a gymnastic tool. The size of the sheet must be larger than the size of the original hole. Is it important to consider the size of the gymnastics? So, if the original screw is size 12, it must be subjected to size 14. Which, size 14 in the screw is only for those embedded in the block. While in charge of binding the exhaust, still measuring 12.

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