These Problems Happen Due To Inadequate Guitar

For the sake of choosing a guitar, we must first determine the budget for the budget, what price class guitar to buy. So, what price is right for a beginner? So we can get an idea, let’s compare the price of the guitar with the cost of guitar lessons. What if we choose the price of the guitar for the cost of guitar lessons for the year? It’s not too expensive, right? However, if we don’t compare it that way, then guitar kits indeed seem too expensive for a beginner. Right? That’s why we must learn about it carefully.

What are the problems that arise from the inadequate guitar? Here are the problems that might happen due to inadequate guitar:

Problems that are felt immediately after the guitar is purchased:

The guitar is made of cheap wood, the sound is not clear, it is more difficult to hear the tone than the guitar that sounds clear.

In order to reduce costs, the wood drying process is shortened. Wood becomes less dry, this also reduces the sound clarity.

From some of the previous points, sustain also becomes short. Sustain is the length of the guitar sounds if the strings are plucked, the longer the sound the better. Inadequate guitar, his voice will quickly die. One of the biggest difficulties beginners have is to press the strings and keep the notes sounding until they are rapping. Imagine if the guitar itself sounds die quickly, what a pity, right?

Mechanically inaccurate, strings in a finger pressed or released state that has a voltage that is too different, causing the guitar to be hard on the stem, the tone is always falsified. What’s worse if the location of the frets is not precise, this will obviously cause a fake tone, but this case is indeed rare.

The sizes, such as the shape of the neck, the width of the neck, the distance between strings, etc., are not standard so it is not comfortable to play. If someday they buy another guitar of adequate quality, students will have to adapt again to the new guitar.

Strings 1 and 6 if they are too far side when pressed the finger will slip out the fingerboard.

Fret-buzz is a string that collides with another fret that is not being pressed.

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