These Might Be The Best Types Of Tonneau Cover Materials

Use a tonneau cover that is smooth on the inside. Even though it is perfectly protected, it does not rule out the tonneau will be scratched by the tonneau cover itself. Choose the best tonneau cover with a fabric that has been brushed or other similar processes that make the inner surface very smooth. The price is indeed more expensive than the usual cover type, but this can be an alternative for those of you who want to minimize the cost of damage to the tonneau. You may also want to visit the tonneau factory outlet to buy the finest covers for tonneau.

Here are the best types of tonneau covers:

Parachute Material

Parachute is the most affordable material. Tends to be thin and unable to hold water. Its function is only limited to protecting tonneau from dust in the room and of course, it is not recommended for trucks parked outdoors!

Why? Apart from not being waterproof, the parachute material that is splashed in water can stick to the tonneau and has the potential to damage the tonneau paint. The material is also light and easily blown off.

PVC material

PVC is a higher quality material than parachutes. Tonneau cover made of PVC is also safe to use outdoors because it is waterproof and heat resistant. Generally, this type of tonneau cover has a slightly rough inner side and can damage the tonneau.

Therefore, you should choose PVC material that is smooth inside, even though the price is a little more expensive. But, what’s wrong with it if it is of high quality and can protect the tonneau perfectly?

Milky ingredients

The quality of the tonneau cover made from milky is quite good. The reason is, you can use it indoors or outdoors. Even so, this type of tonneau cover is not recommended for use during the rainy season because it does not have strong waterproof properties.

The colors are also more varied and attractive, but you still have to be careful because the colors can run when exposed to rain.

Taslan material

Another best tonneau cover is the tonneau cover made from Taslan. Although the Taslan material is both a home industry product and has a variety of colors & patterns such as milky, it tends to be thicker and more resistant to water.

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