These Are Rules In Gas Furnace Cleaning

In the instructions for use of gas equipment like the gas furnace, there is information about the fact that audits of gas devices (which actually clean the cleaners) must be carried out exclusively by specialists from relevant service centers. Sure, that is true. However, in reality, it always changes differently, and the tenants themselves eliminate this simple technical damage. The reason for “arbitrariness” is, first of all, that gas service representatives often have to wait more than one day, and burners must be used today. In the meantime, if you can’t put your furnace back in its place properly and you don’t want to break it, you can call the reliable furnace installation experts in your city.

These are the basic rules for cleaning gas furnaces:

Remove the appliance from the gas supply by turning off the inlet valve above the burner, or even better, the common valve in the apartment.

Make sure the faucet is turned off. In order to do this, open the regulators one by one, then bring the matches to the desired furnace. If they do not catch fire, you can proceed to further demolition.

Remove all hotplates from the gas panel. In most devices, the divider is not rigidly mounted, so that it can be reached by moving the hand up.

Wash the parts of the furnace that can be removed with soap and water, and in the case of heavy dirt, apply an approved cleaning agent to the surface, then rub the divider with a stiff brush. After cleaning from soot, soot and burning particles, rinse the furnace in running water.

Place the clean part on the towel.

When the divider is dry, it is involved in furnace service. To do this, you must have a thin wire, freely penetrating into the nozzle of the gas ring, and a piece of cotton cloth. Instead of wire, you can use needles to string beads, stiffly fixed, for example, in a normal colored pencil. Carefully move the nozzle up and down with sharp objects. Wipe off dirt and soot on the spike, wipe with a piece of cloth.

Check the quality of the duct cleaning only possible after a dry divider is installed. What needs to be done is to put gas on the hotplate and bring a match.

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