There Are Ways To Choose Good Knives That You Must Know

The knife is one of the must-have kitchen utensils in your kitchen. Everyone who wants to cook certainly needs a knife. However, the mothers often complain about their blades which are easily corroded and no longer sharp. That is very annoying. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you want to find an excellent Japanese knife, you may need to read the Kamikoto review.

In order to avoid this, you should consider a few tips from us before choosing a knife:

Pay attention to the knife material

Choose a knife made from stainless steel. Knives with stainless steel are not easy to rust and easy to clean. Enough with your washing tools, stainless steel blades will look like new again.

Pay attention to the knife customer

Choose a lightweight knife grip that is comfortable for you to use. You should avoid the handles of wood. Because this wood material will be easily separated from the blade. You should choose a knife handle from non-slippery texture material. It aims to avoid loose knives when your hands are wet.

Note the Straightness of the Knife

After buying a knife, you must examine whether the blade is straight or not. This is very important because it will affect the results of your cooking ingredients! A good knife cuts straight in the direction of the pressure. You can check your knife by looking at the blade with the tip straight forward, peering right from behind the handle of the knife. If the knife edge is not visible then the knife is completely straight. However, if the tip or even the blade body is visible, the resulting cut will tilt.

Pay attention to the knife-edge

Choose the model with a pointed tip & the blade slightly bent upwards. This model knife is perfect for slicing vegetables or onions. The blade is swung up and down based on the curve. You can also slice using the tip of the knife while pressing on the cutting board and sliding backward, the result is faster & neater with almost uniform thickness. In addition, you must choose a knife that is wide and thick enough because it can be used to flatten the onions.

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