There Are Two Types Of Tubeless Tire Patches, Which One Is The Best?

There are many problems that can arise when driving using a car, ranging from the engine breaking down, running out of fuel, turning off the lights, to a punctured tire caused by a nail. All of them make the trip disrupted and reduce comfort. Like a flat tire, for example, it can be caused by a nail or other sharp object. The quick solution, you can replace it with a spare tire for a while before the original tire is repaired. Even more troublesome if the spare tire is not brought, you may have to look for a mobile tyre fitting london.

According to a mechanic, there are two types of tubeless tire patches that are currently being done by many mechanics, namely umbrella patches and puncture patches. Both have the same goal, which is to close the tire rubber hole caused by another object. The difference lies in the patching process.

Umbrella Patch Model
The umbrella patch is a tire patch that closes a hole in a tire that is leaking from the inside. The way the tire is removed from the rim is then the filling process is carried out from the inside. This patch model is quite complicated and requires special equipment, but the results of the patch are very good. It can be said that the leaking tires are completely covered.

Patching tires of this model is highly recommended even though the process takes longer. If it leaks on the sole or damages certain dimensions, it can still be patched. And the best patch is a patch from inside the tire.

Patch Patch Model
The puncture patch is a tire patch, which is to closes the leaky tire hole from the outside. This method is more widely used and offers many mechanics. Many vehicle owners also choose this patch model because the process is fast and the price is cheaper than the umbrella patch model.

The process does not need to remove the tire from the rim. Just jack it up until the tire lifts, then the patching process can be done. The trick is stabbed from the outside using a special tool. The puncture patch model is only an emergency so that the car can be taken to a repair shop or tire shop, for later replacement.

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