There Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Juicers

In general, juicers work by pressing fruits and vegetables to extract their juices. Fruit and vegetables are pressed into the juicer tube, then the juice will be filtered out through the small holes in the filter into a glass container. Due to it only takes the juice, the juicer separates the fibers of fruit and vegetables that are considered as pulp to the container in the back. Meanwhile, you can visit to read some excellent juicer reviews.


There are 3 advantages possessed by juicers:

The juice is thicker and without pulp

Unlike a blender, the juice produced from this juicer is pure without a mixture of water. As a result, the juice that comes out is thicker in texture. In addition, the juicer also separates the juice with the pulp, so the taste is lighter when gulped.

Practical and fast

Making juice using a juicer is very easy and saves time. Fruits and vegetables that will be blended do not need to be cut into small pieces, enough to 3-4 parts. For certain types, you can even put it directly without cutting because the juicer tube has a large enough volume. Then, you do not need to pour and filter the juice because it is automatically accommodated and separated from the pulp.

Electric power is relatively small

As an electronic item, the electric power required by a juicer is relatively small. Only 250-400 watts only. The time of use will certainly not belong, just 10-15 minutes. So, your electricity bill will not be too burdened if you routinely use this juicer.


In addition to the advantages above, the juicer also has several disadvantages:

Make a noise

When turned on and processing fruits and vegetables, the juicer will make a pretty noisy sound. Generally, the juicer that emits this noise is a type of centrifugal juicer at an affordable price. So, if you want to use a juicer that is not too noisy, you need to spend more money to buy a rather expensive price.

Difficult to clean

Juicers have many components in their bodies, ranging from fruit funnel, juice funnel, pushing sticks, pulp containers, to the blade and sieve inside. The abundance of these components makes the juicer a little difficult to clean.

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