The Story Of Bigfoot From Abroad, Different Sizes But Still Hairy

Bigfoot is a story about a mysterious creature like a great ape who is very mysterious. No one has ever been able to prove its existence apart from sighting reports and several artifacts. Are you curious about this mysterious creature? About how to draw bigfoot or its stories from around the world?

The most famous artifact comes from 1967 through a film by Patterson – Gimlin. Bigfoot reports do not only come in one place but from various regions. Here is a bigfoot story from other places.

1. Yeti
Yeti is the name Bigfoot in Nepal. They are also known as snowmen and are said to be smaller in size than Bigfoot. There are reports that Alexander the Great also saw a Yeti.

2. Yowie
Australia also has its own Bigfoot. Named Yowie, the creature also has another name. Starting from Yahoo, Joogabinna, Jurrawarra, to Tjangara. Based on the legend of the Aboriginal tribe, Yowie is a creature that has appeared since the beginning of this world with a description of a hairy human who has large legs.

3. People-short
This is the Malaysian version of Bigfoot which is much smaller in size, like the orangutan. The short man walked on two legs and had received numerous reports of sightings over the past century. Many argue that the short-man could be a rare, unknown primate rather than a monster hiding among humans.

4. Skunk monkeys
This name is given to a creature that resides in Florida. Other names are swamp monkey or smelly monkey. As the name implies, this creature is said to have a pungent smell so that people can know its existence through the smell.

5. Almas
Still, next door to the Yeti from Nepal, Almas from Mongolia has a human-like appearance. Their size does not differ much from ours but can weigh more than 100 kilograms. The hair is so thick and can come in a variety of colors. Reports of sightings date back to the early 1400s.

The bigfoot story can be compared to a UFO that has never been known to exist, but that people have ever seen. Do you believe in something like this? Or maybe you are one of those who have seen bigfoot sightings?

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