The Scroll Saw Blade

This time we will discuss the type of scroll saw and the saw blade. So for those of you who are just starting or have started your woodworking field, but you don’t know much and want to know more about scroll saw. Although at a glance the same shape, but it turns out this scroll saw has several different types you know, like the dewalt 20 inch variable speed scroll saw. And not the only scroll saw also has a different type, even the saw blade also has a different type.

For the first thing, we should discuss the type of saw blade first. Because later this blade can be an explanation of several types of scroll saw that exist. For this type of saw blade, the scroll saw can be divided into 2 namely blade pin and pinless blade. The first type of saw blade is the pin blade. This blade pin has the characteristic that is the upper part of the blade there is a locking pin to be attached to the hook saw blade hook. Because it has a locking pin, of course, this one blade has an advantage that is not easily separated from the hook.

This type of blade pin is also commonly found in the market, so if you want to buy a new one, you don’t need to bother to look for it in any engineering tool shop. For other characteristics of this blade that is larger or wider. But the size of the pin blade is precisely one of the drawbacks of this type of blade. Because of course, its large size makes it more difficult to make small indentations that are more detailed in your work. For other shortcomings, namely when you are using this blade and suddenly broken in the middle of the road, then you must insert the blade at the beginning of your work. Because the locking pin on the knife makes it unable to be inserted in the hole of your saw that is very thin.

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