Tax Benefits

Many people are not yet obedient to pay taxes due to a lack of public information about the benefits of the tax. We recommend that you study the following tax benefits and functions to be more tax-obedient. Taxes are very beneficial for the country. In full tra cứu mã số thuế is widely used for:

Financing state expenditures, such as expenditures that are self-liquidating, for example, expenditures for productive projects of export goods.
Financing reproductive expenses, such as expenditures that provide economic benefits for the community, for example, expenses for irrigation and agriculture.
Financing expenditures that are not self liquidity and not reproductive, for example, expenses for the erection of monuments and recreational objects.
Financing unproductive expenditures, for example, expenses to finance national defense or war and spending for savings in the future, namely expenditures for orphans.

The tax has a very important role in the life of the state, then the tax has several functions, including:

Budget function, which is a tax used as a tool for optimally entering funds into the state treasury based on applicable tax laws, so that the tax functions to finance all expenses related to government processes. For development financing, money is spent on government savings. The government savings are continually increased from year to year according to the increasing development financing needs.

The Regulatory Function, which is a tax used by the government as a tool to achieve certain goals and complement the budget function. The government can regulate economic growth through tax policies. In order to protect domestic production, the government sets high import duties on foreign products.

The Stability Function, namely taxes, makes the government have funds to carry out policies related to price stability so that inflation can be controlled.

Income Retribution Function, which is a tax used to finance all public interests. Including to finance development so as to open job opportunities, so as to increase community income.

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