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Manuals Bookkeeping Vs Software Accounting, Which Is More Effective?

Are you one of the business people who are still bothered by the bookkeeping problem which is still using the manual method? For example, still use books, stationery, and calculators to record all of your business financial transactions. Even though until now technology has developed very rapidly. Technological developments in information and communication have increased […]

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Bookkeeping Brings These Benefits To Your Company

The benefits of bookkeeping for the company are not only felt for the current operation, but also for future development. This is because bookkeeping can provide a clear picture of how the survival of your company. Without proper bookkeeping, it will be difficult for you to make decisions in order to perform efficiently in the […]

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Types of Accounting Software

Accounting software has two different types, namely the type of accounting software intended for specific industries and accounting software in general. Accounting software used for special industries such as startups will offer features that can be customized at a more expensive price but receive ongoing support from the makers of the accounting software. Accounting software, […]

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