Surprising Facts About Cats in Our House

Many of us visit cats, and perhaps many of our readers keep cats at home. This cute animal has been a favorite pet of humans since 7500 BC, especially in the areas around the Mediterranean. In September 2019, scientists stated that to exhibit secure attachment traits humans have “strong attachment,” as seen in dogs, where the presence of a human guardian triggers behaviors that signal security and calm. Therefore, in any case, cats need safety, including providing the best toilets for those who can get dust free cat litter.

In a study by Universitiesmouth and Sussex, researchers found that the technique mimics what’s known as a cat’s smile – and is said to help shape the relationship between humans and cats. The study revealed that cats were more likely to blink slowly at their owners after the owner blinked slowly at them, compared to when they didn’t interact at all. More than one in 10 pet cats surveyed in one study had behavioral changes when temporarily separated from their owners.

In the study, the researchers also observed that cats would be very restless when the owner left, in a household where there were no women. In addition, there were no toys for cats, and no other pets in the house, nor did cats. anxious and restless when the owner left for a while. Of the cats studied, it was found that 13.5 percent of all cat samples exhibited at least one of several traits associated with separation-related problems, with destructive behavior being the most frequently reported (20 of 30 cats). Other behavioral traits such as excessive meowing (19 cats), urinating in inappropriate places (18 cats), aggressive (11 cats), restless and pacing (11 cats), and inappropriate bowel movements (seven cats). ). cat) was also observed.

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