Stylish Ways to Wear Khaki Color on Your Outfit

Entering the end of the year, bright colors began to be abandoned and neutral colors began to surface. After beige became a trend at the beginning of the year, now is the time for khaki to take over. Etymologically, the word ‘khaki’ is a word that comes from the Hindustani area (Urdu or Hindi) ख़ाकी / خاکی ‘soil color’. Well, this color is often used in the military world because it is considered to be able to provide good camouflage for soldiers on the battlefield. Now it’s not just for people in the military, you can easily find khaki color. Now, since the colors of the earth tone are on the rise, why not try wearing khaki in your outfit and find them in ladies clothing kelowna?

What to wear for the weekend? Let’s try a simple and stylish outfit Casual Outfit for Brunch. It’s easy, just mix the stripes tops and khaki wide-leg pants. Then so that the appearance is not too ‘relaxed’, pair with strap heels with matching colors. This style is perfect for traveling on weekends with family or friends! To sweeten your appearance, do not forget to use jewelry such as bracelets or rings, yes! After months of no rain, in November the weather had begun to change. It can be hot during the day, but it gets cloudy, windy, and rainy before nightfall. Now, so that your outfit is not too thin or too thick, you need a strategy in choosing an outfit. Why don’t we add khaki to it?

Wear tops that are made from comfortable and absorbent, such as t-shirts or tank tops. Pair with your favorite trousers. Now, to stay office-appropriate, you need to be outer, right? Wear an oversized khaki shirt. So when the temperature starts to drop, you won’t be too cold! If you are planning a vacation to the beach area later this year, try this one style, let’s go! So simple but stylish! Pair a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. Make your appearance more playful by wearing white sneakers so you are always comfortable when walking. To be more girly, use a dainty necklace.

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