Skipping Lunch Can Cause Some of This!

Dense activities and work demands make you often skip lunch during breaks? If you only do it occasionally, it might still not have any effect on the body. However, if you often miss lunchtime, then you must be careful because often skipping lunchtime can also have a negative impact on the body. If you are looking for the best restaurant, you can visit Original Saigon – Good Restaurants in toowoomba.

Lunchtime is usually considered not an important mealtime because generally we feel still powerful and the body still has a lot of energy. In fact, lunch also has an important role in the health condition of the body. This is because lunch will provide several benefits including:

Meet the body’s daily energy needs
Generally, the main meal time is divided into 3 meal times, namely morning, afternoon, and evening. Each of these meal times certainly has a role in meeting daily energy needs. For example, lunch is able to meet 25-30% of the total daily energy needs of the body.

Meeting the body’s nutritional needs
Not only energy but daily nutritional needs are also sufficient for the body’s nutritional needs
Not only energy, the body’s daily nutritional needs, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, can generally be met from the consumption of various types of food. This certainly will be easily fulfilled if we eat regularly with a balanced type and portion.

The two main benefits of lunch are certainly vital for supporting health.

Skipping lunchtime, not only makes us unable to meet our daily energy and nutritional needs but also has negative impacts, including:

1. Blood sugar levels are not controlled
Regular eating habits, which are 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks, with the right time lag, are very good habits to support controlled blood sugar. Skipping lunch means making the body’s blood sugar levels adjust and forcing the hormone insulin to be produced in excess.

2. The body becomes weak and difficult to concentrate
Lack of energy and nutrition, of course, will automatically make our bodies become weak. This can indirectly affect your concentration and work performance, right? Lunch is important because it is able to supply enough energy for the body to remain able to undergo heavy work activities in the middle of the afternoon.

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