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Show Our Love With Prayer

As love is a mutual relationship, a meeting, a personal encounter, so prayer is a reciprocal relationship with another person, God. As the quality of this relationship with God develops, our prayer will also deepen and our lives will find deeper meaning. This relationship is often also colored by our feelings, such as fear, worry, shame, anger, boredom, obligation, hope, trust in love, and joy. These qualities and ways we relate to God depend on our behavior patterns and ways of thinking and feeling about His presence, or by our description of God. We also need a miracle healing prayer request to ask for health and strength from God. Besides, prayer is how we could show our love to God.

Many of us have a negative image of God, which can come from our childhood and which is influenced by our family life and education, culture, and religion. Even when we read the Scriptures, especially in the Old Testament we find this negative image of God. Sometimes God is described as a God who destroys, punishes, condemns, or threatens human life. But when we read the New Testament, the picture of God becomes more positive, especially the presence of Jesus in the world reveals the true face of God, namely a loving Father, who gives sun and rain to good people and also bad people.

God is also described as a good shepherd who seeks out his lost sheep, forgives, and accepts repentant sinners. God also never takes into account the sins and mistakes that have been made. He forgets the sin we commit when we repent, because “love never keeps a mistake”. God is also described as God who is so close and attentive to us because He is Emmanuel, God is with us. God is also not a God who loves only when we do good. He loves us unconditionally and accepts us as we are. Even when we sin and leave Him, “God still shows how much He truly loves us, even when we sin, Jesus willingly died for us.”

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