Should We Consume CBD Before Sleep?

Should I take CBD before going to sleep? This is the point I discussed phrases that always bother me in whatever way you use to help you sleep; “Take it before going to sleep”. I mean, it’s cool and everything, but when? Before going to sleep is basically every moment from the moment you wake up from sleep to the second you climb (or jump, or stagger, depending on the night you experience) back into it. Now, I agree that it’s logical that this means when you go to bed, but what time? Many will tell you that Cannabidiol or CBD should be consumed before going to sleep, but what will at least be explained is that this does not mean directly before you go to sleep.

Depending on how you extract your CBD oil, it can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour for any effects to begin to be felt.

You want to feel the CBD before going to sleep, so if it helps you sleep, it does it quickly, instead, you lie there waiting to hit you.

This is a problem not only because of frustration in general but because of the impact that frustration can have. One of the biggest problems with insomnia is the vicious cycle of resentment that you feel because you can not sleep makes it more difficult to sleep.

Therefore, if you are annoyed because you haven’t slept, then whatever you might use to help you sleep can be less effective.

So when should I take CBD to sleep? Although the recommendations are different and the anecdotal evidence also varies, and the time may also change depending on how you use CBD, the general rule we use is that you should consume CBD for about one hour before going to bed.

This time is determined for CBD oil which, whether taken sublingually or directly digested (more easily brewed in a first way) must do so within one hour after being taken.

We are not here to tell you whether this will help you sleep, there must be anecdotal evidence and some logic to support it, and research is underway, but official scientific statements on this issue may not yet be found.

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