Recognize Sperm Cells

The quality of semen is determined by the number and quality of sperm to begin the process of fertilization. Therefore, it can be said that the number and quality of sperm is a marker of male fertility. Sperm cells have a short life span and cannot divide. However, after joining the egg, both can develop into new organisms called zygotes. You can get male enhancement pills on our website.

In general, the structure of sperm consists of the head, body, and tail. Each part of sperm has a different function and content, namely:

Consists of a circular solid chromatin fiber surrounded by an acrosome. This part contains an enzyme that is used to penetrate a woman’s egg. When fertilization, the DNA contained in the sperm head will join with DNA from a woman’s egg cell.
In this section, there are mitochondria, which are responsible for producing energy for the tail to move.
The part that functions to move the sperm to meet the egg.

Damage to DNA in sperm cells can cause damage or disruption of fetal growth. While the integrity of the structure of the tail, body, and sperm head, will determine its quality. If sperm cells are not yet ripe or are not perfect, the egg cannot be fertilized so there is no pregnancy.

Sperm is considered ideal if more than 50% of sperm cells produced are in normal form. Male fertility will decrease if the amount is less than that. In addition, sperm is said to be ideal if more than 50% of sperm cells can move about one hour after ejaculation. Sperm speed is important to reach the egg, so fertilization can occur.

Normal sperm has a pH level of around 7.2 – 7.8. Then, the volume of semen fluid (the sperm shelter) should be more than 2 millimeters. Semen less than that volume can affect the number of sperm to fertilize an egg. But the excess volume of seminal fluid is also not good, because it shows that sperm is too runny. When viewed in terms of color, white semen and gray tend to be considered a healthy color.

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