Recognize Psychosomatic Disorders, When Mind Triggers Physical Disease

During this time, there are at least two types of causes of disease that are widely known, namely viral and bacterial infections. But you know, it turns out physical illness can also occur due to stress. This condition is referred to as psychosomatic. Psychosomatic disorders are conditions that generally occur due to stress. This disease involves the mind and body and culminates in the emergence of physical illness. Psychosomatic disorders cause the mind to affect the body and ultimately cause illness to appear or the disease to get worse. a prayer for sickness and healing is the best way you can give your loved ones if they experience this.

When viewed in psychological terms, the term psychosomatic is a disease or disorder that causes physical pain. This condition can also cause problems with bodily functions.

But surprisingly, usually, there will not be found problems or abnormalities on physical examination. In fact, an X-ray examination or blood test will not be able to find the cause of physical pain occurs.

Is it true that the mind can affect the body and trigger physical illness? The answer is yes. In fact, a person’s mind can cause symptoms or physical changes in the body. A simple description of this condition is, when a person feels very scared and depressed, it may be that he will experience symptoms such as cold sweat, rapid heartbeat, nausea to vomiting, headache, stomach ache, to muscle aches. These conditions are then referred to as physical illness due to the mind.

Physical changes due to psychosomatic disorders occur due to an increase in the electrical activity of nerve impulses from the brain throughout the body. This condition is also related to the release of adrenaline into the blood, so that symptoms of a physical illness appear. Although the cause is not yet clearly known, nerve impulses are thought to be one of the reasons for the appearance of physical symptoms due to a state of mind.

Diseases that can arise due to psychosomatic
Diseases arising from psychosomatic disorders cannot be found or detected physically. However, the symptoms of the disease are clearly felt and can be very disturbing. As explained earlier, this is related to mental factors or mental factors that affect the body.

Although diseases caused by psychosomatic disorders cannot be detected clearly, symptoms that arise because of this condition can, in fact, worsen certain diseases. There are several types of diseases that can be aggravated by mental conditions, such as stomach disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or psoriasis. The sequence of the disease can recur or become worse due to stress or mental condition problems.

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