Reasons Why Dog Bites Human

There are many cases where pitbull dog that bites human either adult and children that ends up in severe damage even death. That is why you need to make sure that you get a dog bite attorney if you are attacked by a dog. This could prevent major loses for you because the owner has to give compensation for your lost. Cases of a pit bull bite are not uncommon because this dog does have a strong body and grip. But not only pit bulls, small, large, male or female dogs, but even those that look cute also can bite. Only that must be understood, dogs have reasons why they bite humans. There are several reasons why dogs behave aggressively and bite humans.

If humans run when they are afraid, dogs will start biting when they are afraid or when they feel threatened. Dogs will bite when they will protect their beloved and precious objects. For example, their children are threatened, food, or even their favorite toys. Not just protecting their property, even dogs that have been trained to guard something will bite when they feel the object they are protecting is threatened. When sick, the dog also does not feel disturbed. When you do not realize that he is sick and start bothering him, the dog will defend itself by biting you.

Dogs who are too fond of playing can also make them end up biting people. Avoid wrestling with dogs to avoid unwanted things. Even when playing, you are advised not to over-scream or play rough on dogs. This is done so that the dog is not surprised and biting. Sickness or injury suffered by dogs will make them more sensitive and aggressive. When they feel disturbed they will immediately attack and bite. You might remember the dog owner’s advice not to run when there is a dog near you. Even if you are afraid you are not advised to run. The dog will chase people who are running or cycling fast. If they chase you then stop for a moment and stand straight facing the dog. Avoid eye contact.

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