Reasons To Move Business Email From Free Email To Professional Email

Ensuring email validation before finally using business email is very important. Usually, new companies still use regular or free email before finally switching to professional email tool tester. Here are some reasons you should move from free email to professional Business Email:

1 Can be accessed in the browser from anywhere and anytime
Business email allows you to easily access email from anywhere using your favourite web browser. Be it on a desktop or mobile device. Business email hosting supports various synchronization protocols such as:
-Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
-Support CalDAV and CardDAV
Exchange Web Services
-Support IMAP, POP3, XMPP

2 Sharing Any Documents with Colleagues
You can also share important documents with your colleagues easily. This will help facilitate better workflow among coworkers and increase productivity. If the information is conveyed properly and smooth communication the project implementation will take place better & faster. Some information and documents that can be shared are:

– contact
– Calendar
– duty
– Share Files and Notes

3 Security and Anti-Spam Features
The security of your email is the most important thing to consider. The Business Email Server is equipped with Enterprise-level security software to keep your Business Email safe and we also do spam filtering to make sure your Business Email runs perfectly.

4 Antivirus Protection
By using business email, you will get efficient and effective antivirus protection.

5 SSL Certificate for Webmail Access
We secure your connection when accessing email with you. Our Webmail service is guaranteed by an SSL Certificate that protects your data by Hackers.

6 Anti-Spam Filter
The Anti Spam filter will be regularly updated on your server and use collaborative learning technology to accurately identify spam, fraud and viruses.

7 Communication of Team Members in One Platform
The business email server is equipped with a “Team Workspaces” feature, where you can communicate with the team in real-time throughout the organization/department. Team Workspaces has several features in it such as video chat for up to 4 users at the same time, “always-on” panel group chat, desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards, and file share features with drag-and-drop.

8 Group Chat
Group chats in real-time and discuss with team members on one platform. You don’t need to Slack anymore to communicate with the team.

9 Video Chat
Increase the productivity and efficiency of your meetings with video chat. No need to install Skype again.

10 File Sharing
Instantly share important documents and files, no longer need to use additional services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

11 Interactive Whiteboard
There is a whiteboard feature where you and your team can use brainstorming by visualizing the flow of the process directly in your Business Email.

12 Company logo in the email interface
Instead of having the Google logo on the top left of your email interface, your company logo can be displayed.

13 Support 24/7
By using business email you will get 24/7 support services from the support team via telephone, email and live chat. You can be sure not to worry if you have a problem with your email

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