Practice Articulation For Speaking Test

One of the requirements of UK citizenship is the b1 english test that consists of discussion and conversation. It is important to practice articulation in this speaking test. It is undeniable that you feel the tension in the session. When you are tense, it may be that what has been arranged in the brain is not conveyed properly. It may be that you tend to talk too fast or not clear. Do not let the assessor not understand what you are talking about just because you feel tense. Then how to not feel tense? By getting used to talking in English. The more often you speak in English, the sharper your articulation and delivery method. Remember, don’t forget to adjust the volume, find this.

Many platforms are practicing the test that is available free of charge. Make the best use of it by frequently accessing and continuing to practice, yes. Usually, on that platform, you can record what you say in the speaking session. Then your voice record will be stored on the server so you can watch and evaluate. There are many question models that you can try and become an effective means of practicing. In the speaking session, you will get questions about different topics, namely independent and integrated. Independent questions will revolve around your personal opinion on a topic or everyday life. Give creative, concise, and fast answers. No need to adjust to what you experience because there will be no fact-check of what you say.

While for integrated tasks, you will be asked to read short writing, listen to the same topic, with and without guide text. Take advantage of the short 30 seconds to identify important information. Convey your opinion calmly, clearly and argumentatively. The time is not much, only 10 minutes for the entire speaking session. For this reason, the most important thing is the ability to quickly absorb information, record the essence, and conclude or answer verbally.

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