Positive Impact of Online Games on Children

Playing online games can indeed have a bad effect on children, if done excessively. However, we cannot completely ignore the positive impact that there is from playing online games. A study found that playing online games can improve thinking skills in children. This is because games require children to follow instructions, consider actions, and respond to problems. This can help children develop important thinking skills, namely literacy, problem solving and planning, and attention to detail. After knowing the fact that online games have an important role in thinking skills, the following is the impact of online games on children, seen from the positive side. You can try teen patti game.

Triggers Increased Brain Activity
The first positive impact that children can feel is to increase and hone brain activity. Games can trigger children to concentrate high so that they focus on achieving high scores. Not only that, the right strategy is also needed to complete a mission. This will trigger the brain to seek innovation in order to win against the enemy.

Coaching Sportsmanship
Children can become individuals who are ready to accept defeat when they meet the enemy. That way, defeat is not responded to with despair or humility when faced with victory. This can make children honest in playing because they follow the existing rules.

Adding New Knowledge
Playing online games can trigger children to learn something new. This is because knowledge is not only obtained through school lessons, because online games can also provide learning. Examples are knowledge of culture, history, geography, and various other things that are the contents of the game.

Practice Problem Solving Skills
In online games, children can get a positive impact indirectly to practice problem solving skills. This allows children to plan, take various ways to move forward, and make the right decisions.

Increase Creativity
The last positive impact of playing online games is increasing creativity and skills in children. This includes the ability to draw, color, and write stories.

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