Piston Air Compressor Working Principle

Air Compressor or what is commonly called the best garage air compressor is a tool that functions to compress air or gas. Air compressors we encounter quite often, one of which is in a motorcycle or car repair shop. Air Compressor in a vehicle workshop usually uses a Piston Air Compressor. Piston Air Compressor is quite common. Piston Air Compressor uses a piston media to compress and produce compressed air.

First Suction Stroke Stage
The piston will make a movement to suck air from outside of the atmosphere until it enters the cylinder through the inlet filter and then the inlet valve located at the Cylinder Head.

First Stage Compression Stroke
The piston will make a compressing motion. The normal air outside is sucked in at a pressure of 1 atm, and the air is compressed so that the air pressure rises. Then the air will come out through the discharge valve and then to the manifold.

Intercooler Tubes
After entering the manifold, the flowing air passes through the intercooler tubes. In intercooler tubes, there is cooling at the first stage heat which occurs due to the compression process.

Second Suction Stroke Stage
Perform the suction stroke process and air enters through the inlet valve.

Second Stage Compression Stroke
The air is compressed again to a higher pressure (final pressure).

After that the air through the aftercooler. In the aftercooler, the air will be cooled. This cooling aims to obtain the same volume of air and also to reduce the appearance of carbon.

Air Receiver
After this process, the air enters the tank/air receiver and is then channeled to the compressor hose for use. Or it could be an air dryer or filters, depending on the air requirements.

There is also a Screw Air Compressor type. This type of air compressor uses a screw media to compress and produce compressed air. Screw Air Compressors are widely used in the industrial world where usually more air is produced. The working principle is more or less the same as the Piston Air Compressor.

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