Making Carpet Looks New

To harmonize the color scheme in a room, carpet is usually the most appropriate choice. However, as with other objects, the carpet will wear out over time, which is characterized by a flatter surface. Once your carpet is level, it will take Carpet Cleaning professional help to get it back to its former fresh and smooth state, discover more? Keeping your carpets looking new by taking a series of steps to keep your feet and furniture from causing unattractive and possibly permanent flat areas on your carpet is one of the most important carpet treatments. Some wear and tear are normal, and the carpet will require regular cleaning. However, you can prevent the worst signs with care and attention.

– Move furniture. The carpet surface becomes flat when a heavy object sits on it for too long, so be sure to adjust the heavy furniture a little periodically to avoid flat areas. Move your furniture a few inches every few weeks, or reorganize your room completely so that your carpet doesn’t wear out unevenly and cause the carpet area to flatten.

Try to make new paths between the furniture, as high traffic can lead to more flattening of the area. When you move furniture, lift it completely off the carpet instead of dragging it to avoid extra wear that could cause further flattening.

– Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. When you rearrange the room or move furniture to prevent flat stains, clean the area under the furniture so that the carpet pile remains fluffy and looks new. Vacuuming not only removes the dirt that causes the carpet fibers to tangle but also pulls the carpet fibers back through the vacuum to keep your carpet fresh and smooth. Vacuum in high-traffic areas daily if possible to remove dirt and re-lift carpet fibers, as the constant wear and tear of families and guests walking and tracking dirt into these areas can cause rapid flattening.

– Spread the load. Place the furniture with wider legs on the carpet, and avoid furniture legs that are small but heavy. This will cause the marks to stick to the surface of the carpet. This way, you can spread the load more evenly across the carpet.

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