Jalapeno Is The King Of Spiciness In Mexico

For their courage in combining herbs, Mexican cuisine is famous for its unique taste. Back to the discussion on spicy food, in Mexico, there is a food that has a high level of spiciness, namely jalapeno peppers. As the name implies, jalapeno is the name of a type of chili in Mexico. If you’re a spicy lover, and you hear the word Jalapeno, perhaps you think of the best Mexican food near me. Its size can be said to be classified as a giant, which is about 5 to 9 cm. When compared with the common chilies in other countries, this jalapeno pepper certainly wins far in terms of size. Many people have tried jalapeno peppers to prove their level of spiciness or just to try. People’s reactions are certainly different. Some consider one jalapeno pepper to be spicy enough. However, there are also those who actually consider this chili delicious to be enjoyed and not too spicy. The reaction usually comes from people who have a high tolerance for spiciness on the tongue.

Jalapeno chili is one of Mexico’s culinary world. This type of chili is widely used in other countries to discuss cooking, or even as a core food. Jalapeno chili as a food ingredient can usually be found in Mexican restaurants that do have a specialty in providing Mexican food that maintains the taste of Mexico. Whereas jalapeno chili which is used as a core ingredient in cooking can be found for example in South Korea.

There is a restaurant that sells various kinds of cakes. One of the cakes sold is food that uses jalapeno chili as the main ingredient, which is wrapped in a mixture and then fried in hot oil. Such appearance reminds us of corndog food, but the filling is not sausage but jalapeno peppers. Although in that way the jalapeno chili has been modified so that it can become a contemporary food, the name jalapeno itself is identical to Mexico

In the State of Mexico, itself jalapeno is even cultivated in all vast plantations. There is one jalapeno chili plantation which is the most extensive jalapeno chili plantation in Mexico around the Papaloapan River valley. The plantation is not only a place to cultivate jalapeno peppers alone.

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